Functional Specifications

  • Parts and Modifiers
    The ability to enter and edit your system’s parts and modifiers through the Management Module.
  • Machines
    The ability to create and edit system machines through the Management Module.
  • Users
    The ability to creat, edit, and remove system user access through the Management Module.
  • Customer Coomunication
    The ability edit and manage the communication customers receive through the system.
  • System Locations
    The ability to create additional locations (based on level of service purchased), and edit settings related to those locations.
  • System Pricing
    The ability to create and manage the pricing settings that determine customer pricing. This is the pricing attached to parts, modifiers, machines, and setup fees.
  • Estimates and Invoices
    The ability to create estimates and invoices through the Sales Module using the CoreBridge system pricing engine and system components (parts, modifiers, machines, etc.).
  • Customer Payments
    Based on service level purchased, the ability to enter customer payments into the CoreBridge system. For customers with online credit card integration, in the event that this third-party solution becomes temporarily unavailable, user will maintain the ability to enter the payment into the system as an ‘offline’ credit card payment in order to maintain tracking of the payment.
  • Order Workflow
    The ability to view and change the status of products and orders.
  • Customers (Accounts)
    The ability to enter, manage, and view customer information.
  • Product Proofs
    The ability to upload and view product proofs (based on accepted file types).
  • Reports
    The ability to generate and view system reports. This includes estimates, invoices, statements, and reports found in the Report Module.